Piza ē Vino

About Piza ē Vino

Piza ē Vino’s food is rigorously Italian healthy and creative through this simplicity we believe that a winning formula has been discovered. Let your taste buds that long for great Italian food bring you to Piza ē Vino for that experience you have been longing for.

Italy draws you to thinking of playfully slurping up a bowl of spaghetti ragu and getting stuck in a steamy pizza with the perfect blend of the freshest harvested ingredients and a sacred/ age old recipe to develop the perfect pizza base. Of course, there are the additional thoughts of washing everything down with some vino and driving in the streets of Italy on your Vespa.

Our Involvement

  1. As Piza ē Vino’s digital partners, we design and manage their web presence.
  2. Conceptualised their dynamic and radical website, through design, animation and web development.
  3. Architected an online booking system that allows for seamless booking, confirmation and reviewing, across their country-wide restaurants.

Our Work

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