About Kubus

For more than two decades, Hardware.com (Now Kubus) have been empowering businesses through smart technology decisions.

Kubus’ mission is to connect their clients with technologies that make operational challenges disappear. Technologies that ignite rapid progress towards the client’s strategic ambitions. Technologies that make their clients better at what they do best. This means they provide rapid responses to clients old and new. Fast deployments that are tested and pre-configured before they arrive on site. All backed up with support that’s available around the clock: 24/7/365.

Kubus staff have to be comfortable taking the initiative. They must be ready to solve problems with gusto. They need to show hunger for the success of their clients, the company and their careers. In return Kubus makes sure their staff feel properly valued and properly rewarded – with generous benefits and investment in personal development.

The net result is a group of staff who love being there and are motivated to do a great job for their clients. You will notice the difference that makes when they allocate a dedicated account manager each client. Someone who works to understand the nuances of the industry and speaks about IT in a way that’s empathetic to the client’s level of expertise. Clarity of communication is important.

Our Involvement

  1. Concept brand design and creative strategy, including logo creation and visual language development.
  2. Development of marketing and advertising material for print, outdoor and digital environments.
  3. Design and development of  an engaging, product-focused website to take the new brand design to a new level. Built as a custom WordPress theme.

Our Work

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